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job for new jersey. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg last night canceled tomorrow's new york city marathon after the critics said the resources were needed elsewhere, after i tweeted about it. i can't help but think that pushed him over the edge. he said it should not detract attention from the storm recovery and he made news on thursday when he endorsed barack obama for president saying that sandy brought the stakes of tuesday's election into sharp relief. i thought what happened this week and the interactions between the president and chris christy and michael bloomberg are really interesting. i thought the way we think about politics and disaster was brought into relief. and we're going to talk about the substance. we'll talk about the seawalls and floodwalls and climate change and what we have to do -- how we have to reconceptualize our society and think about disaster in the future but first i want to talk about the politics of it. because i thought the response to chrissy's actions on the right and generally in the media i thought were fascinating. i -- maybe i'm alone
of color in new york city, and what's really plaguing them is abusive debt collection practices. so they're wildly indebted, over half of households making less than $50,000 now use credit for basic expenses. so, to cover, you know, food, medicine, utility bills, so forth because we don't have -- we had stagnant wages, we don't have a living wage. people are absolutely struggling. you have one unforeseen, you know, visit to the emergency room and you're now wiped out financially. you have the fact that people don't have access to affordable health care, insurance, so we work with people who actually are being pulled into the world of harassing relentless debt buyers and collectors. anyone who has gotten those phone calls knows it's a plague and is focused on low-income people in our experience. >> debt collection, the debt buying industry has exploded. the idea is there's someone who can't pay back their debts, you tried to extract from them, you think i'll get out of this while i can. i'll sell it to someone on five cents on the dollar that person has an incentive to hound the person, s
here in new york city in some boroughs is more relevant, more representative of what happens in the deep south than most folks realize. >> exactly. >> boroughs are included in section five. this state has a very deep history of suppressing the black vote going right back to the civil war. that's ultimately what we had. you saw it from the afl study. if you split it north/south, you would see that the white vote is much easier and the black vote is much harder. we kind of bake in these sort of inefficiencies as a way of suppressing the vote. that's absolutely clear. what we have to do -- >> before you get to that, convince me that's the case. when you say -- i am convinced about when republicans come in, let's get rid of early voting, let's have voter i.d., i'm convinced that's about suppressing the constituency, black and latino youth, but when you talk about we have a crappy system that's got a lot of choke points in it, convince me that's about -- >> our system isn't one system. the system is first all 50 states and then it's every county. >> right. >> and then the person i
brooklyn is one of the areas in new york city most devastated by hurricane sandy. in response, an organization called the red hook initiative is providing emergency supplies, hot meals, access to power and communications among other things. they're putting out a call for donations and supplies to support their efforts. if you'd like to donate, go to rhi you should also know that tuesday election day and if you live in one of the part of the country after ravaged by sandy, there's contingency plans so people can vote. we have a list at the up with chris tumbler. up with >>> i'll be making an appearance at the msnbc experience store at 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york on election day, november 6th. from 2:30 to 3:30 eastern time. i'll be signing copies of my book. for more information go to our facebook page at with chris. want to find out what my guests think we should know heading into election week. >> if you're a voter in california, you probably already know that the voter guide is 144 pages long pause there are 11 ballot
morning from new york. i'm chris hayes. as part of his trip through asia, president obama is holding a news conference in thailand. he spoke of the crisis in gaza where strikes hit two buildings in gaza city housing media outlets. we'll have more on that later in the show. first, my story of the week. the real scandal of the petraeus affair. all right. here is the background context to the seemingly unending string of revelations about his extramarital affair that i, and i am not going to front have been following with a mix of fascination and shame for the last week and a half. over the last decade, two trends conspired to reduce our privacy. first, there's technology. social media allowed us to share every detail of our lives intentionally and unintensely. the photo tagged on facebook, the wayward strike to reply to all button. you get the picture. we now leave a digital trail traced by anyone who buys access to it. this week, the obama campaign knew what tv shows the targeted voters watched. there's the massive explosion of the surveillance in the wake of 9/11. thanks to the petri
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)